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Zhejiang Yuexiu University (hereinafter as ZYU) was founded in 1981 on the basis of Shaoxing Yuexiu Vocational College of Foreign Languages and Shaoxing Yuexiu School of Foreign Languages. Over 35 years,  upholding the motto of “Harmony, Integrity, Cultivation, Success”, ZYU has been committed to the cultivation of well-educated and skill-based professionals. Up till now, more than 33,000 foreign language professionals from ZYU are serving in Zhejiang Province and Yangtze River Delta economic zone. Alumnus of ZYU not only make profound contributions to the economic development of the country with their own professional skills but also accumulate crucial and abundant resources which promote the development of both the university and alumnus themselves.


To improve close ties among alumnus and between alumnus and ZYU, and the service for alumnus, and to give a full play of alumnus in forming a benign environment for the development of both alumnus and the university, ZYU Alumni Association (hereinafter as ZYUAA) was established in June 2012 with the approval of Shaoxing Municipal Education Bureau (Approval No.: Shaoshijiao [2012] No. 31) and Shaoxing Civil Affairs Bureau (Approval No.: Shaoshimin [2012] No. 75). The issued Certificate of Registration of Social Group as Legal Person is numbered Shezhengzi No. 855 and the code No. 50230729-9. And on 5th of May in 2016, the Certificate of Registration of Social Group as Legal Person was renewed the National Ministry of Civil Affairs of China as Shezhengzi No. 513306005023072997.


The ZYUAA Board of Directors elected 33 councilors at that time with the then president of ZYU - Yang Yinqian - as the first Chairman and Zhang Jianming - General Manager of director-general Shaoxing Rihuashangshe Co., Ltd. and an alumni of class of 1989 in Japanese Major - as the first Director General.


In July of 2016, ZYUAA convened the 2ndcongress of the Association with about 200 people present including alumni and other delegates. At the congressWang Xueyuan and other 55 delegates were elected as directors of the 2nd Board of Directors, together with Li Jianfeng and other two as supervisors of the second Board of Supervisors. At the 1st session of the 2nd Board meeting and the 2nd Board of Supervisors meeting, Hu Bofan, Zhang Pingyi and Xu Zhenhua were appointed as Honorary Chairmen of the 2nd Borad of Directors, Xu Zuoping as Chairman of ZYUAA and Director General of Board of Directors, Zhang Jianming as Executive Chairman as well as Wang XueyuanFeng Liqin, Ying Hualiang, Shan Shengjiang, Zhao Wei, Shi Wenmei, Zhang Xiaojun, Sheng Jufang and Zeng Xian as vice chairmen. Gao Zhidong was appointed as Secretary-General, Tao Zhong as Deputy Secretary-General, Li JianfengHu Zhuen & Xu Jingyi as supervisors of the 2nd Board of Supervisors and Li Jianfeng as Chief Supervisor. At first session of the 2nd Board Meeting elected Wang Xueyuan, Feng Liqin, Zhang Jianming, Ying Hualiang, Shan Shengjiang, Zhao Wei, Shi Wenmei, Xu Zuoping, Gao Zhidong, Zhang Xiaojun, Sheng Jufang, Tao Zhong and Zeng Xian as directors andXu Zuoping as Director of the second standing Board of Directors.


In May of 2016, the university set up an office for the parent association (leading roles of divisions of equivalent) and was integrated with the office of the secretariat of the council. Director of the office (also as secretary-general of the alumni association) is office director of the headmaster office and a specific deputy office director (also as deputy secretary-general of the alumni association) as well as a specific secretary are set. The office of the parent association is both the daily work agency of the council and a working agency of the administration system, locating in No.7 SPT Road (E) Jishan Campus ZYU.


To better the construction of working team of the alumni association, on the basis of the office of the parent association, the university set offices in every schools along with an office director and a deputy office director (both in one).


Since the establishment of the parent association, in guidance and support of Shaoxing Education Bureau, Shaoxing Civil Affairs Bureau and the university, by efforts of branch associations and alumnus, the parent association steadfastly obeys “The Regulations of the Alumni Association of Zhejiang Yuexiu University” and fulfills duties; adheres to serving for alumnus, the university and the society, emotion as bonds, service as foundation, communication as methods and activities as carriers; innovates working thoughts, plays well a role of linking and thoroughly pushes forward standardization and regularization of work, hence making good achievements and forming benign situations where the university and alumnus care, support and develop each other. Until the June of 2016, nine schools in the university have all set up branch associations and elected president and secretary-general. The working mechanism on the levels of both the university and the schools basically come into being and the fundamental and leading function of the alumni association is guaranteed.


The parent association strengthens contacting and serving alumnus, solidifies emotional ties between alumnus and the university. The branch associations in schools contact alumnus in many ways, seek for information of alumnus in different manners. Leaders of the alumni association seize every opportunity to visit alumnus, get to know career development of alumnus and inform them with development and construction of the university. Serving alumnus is the absolute priority of the alumni association. The secretariat of the alumni association accumulates, clarifies and updates alumnus’ information by visiting alumnus and returning activities of alumnus, targeting making contacts, exchanges and cooperation between alumnus more convenient. The secretariat also provides help for alumnus’ recruitment of graduates; negotiation and cooperation; information of friends and teachers; certificates and proofs; grades and documents; further study and children’s college entrance examination; employment advice. The secretariat contacts schools and worked well for returning gathering in the university, strengthening ties between alumnus and the university.


The Alumni Association also serves for alumnus to reward the university. The alumnus are playing more and more important roles in subject construction and talents cultivation of the university. By holding alumnus’ companies job fairs, the alumni association and graduates’ employment guidance center invite many alumnus companies in or out of provinces to recruit graduates for several times.


At present, the alumni association sticks to objects and tasks came up with by “The Five Year Plan of the Construction of the Alumni Association in Zhejiang Yuexiu University”, adheres to rallying alumnus with services and promoting common development of alumnus and the university and make efforts to build up a parent association of the alumni association which is regulatory, effective, well-serving, Yuexiu-featured and matches with the excellent brand of the private university and “century-old Yuexiu”, achieving synchronous development of alumni work and the university.


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