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Preliminary fruits have been borne in research in the last three years, which is attributed to cooperation and coordination between administrative departments of research, invitation of experts to our school for guidance and advice of our research and encouragement to our faculty members to attend academic conferences and to try publication of their papers on elite journals and for quality projects.

More than ten papers written by our teachers have been published on important academic journals such as Foreign Literature StudiesContemporary LinguisticsModern Chinese Literature Studies, more than thirty papers have been admitted to Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index(SSCI), EIIndex to Scientific & Technical Proceedings(ISTP), and many papers have been reproduced in full length on Copied Materials of Renmin University of China and China University Academic Abstracts. In June, 2015, a project titled Novel Studies by Female Writers of New Immigrants from the Perspective of Cultural Ethics led by Dr. Liu Hongying of the College of Chinese Language and Culture was approved as a general project funded by the National Social Science Fund of China(NSSFC), being the first research project granted at the national level at ZYUFL.

For the past three years, our faculty members and academic researchers have published 1319 papers about research and teaching. Five projects have been granted approval and funded by NSSFC, 29 research projects approved by Zhejiang Province and national ministries and commissions and funded by the country, 198 projects approved at the provincial and municipal level by Sep. 20, 2016.

Yuexiu boasts one provincial first-class discipline, namely, Foreign Languages and Literature, under the thirteenth Five-Year Plan, and it is also the key discipline at the provincial level under the twelfth Five-Year Plan, which was examined and evaluated with honor of merit in May, 2016. French Language and Literature and Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics are the two key disciplines in Shaoxing, of which Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics was also evaluated with honor of merit after examination in Dec, 2015. We have nine key disciplines at two levels at ZYUFL, of which four are key ones, namely, Chinese Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Applied Economics and Japanese Language and Literature and another five are greatly supported by the university, namely, Ideological and Political Education, Business Administration, Journalism, Asian and African Languages and Literature(Korean) and Russian Language and Literature.

Six university-level research institutes and centers and more than 20 college-level ones are available at ZYUFL to promote disciplinary cooperation and the marriage among industry, university and research. Those six institutes and centers are as follows: Center for Spreading and Communicating Chinese and Foreign Cultures, Research Center for Private Education, Research Center for Yu(first Emperor of the Xia Dynasty) and Traditional Chinese Culture, Research Center for Network Public Opinion, Research Center for Hospitality Administration and Institute of East Asian Cultures.

Language and Cultural Studies, our revised academic journal, publishes academic papers of humanities and social science to bridge Chinese language and culture and foreign languages and cultures and contribute to academic communication. As a quarterly publication by Guang Ming Daily Press, it issues its publication both at home and abroad with certain significance. We also publish such journals regularly as European Languages and CulturesForeign Language Application & Research, and Oriental Academic Forum, etc, to play a solid foundation for academic blossom.

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