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Jishan Campus: There are altogether 3 canteens in Jishan campus. Taoli Canteen offers all sorts of Chinese local dishes and fast food. In Yinghua Canteen, you can order fast food on the first floor and there are more dishes for your choice on the second floor. Meigui Canteen mainly offers Chinese fast food. 
Jinghu Campus: Three canteens are housed in the same building. In the Canteen on the first floor like in a buffet students can choose dishes to their taste. Canteen on the second floor offers fast food and local cuisine of various places in China. In Canteen on the third floor you are provided with a wide range of choices from noodles, dumplings to many other Chinese food. 
In the Canteens , Campus Card is required and please do not pay with cash. 

Jishan Campus: There are three supermarkets respectively in the SPT Administrative Street, Second Floor of Taoli Canteen and East SPT Cultural Street.  
Jinghu Campus: The supermarkets are north to the schoolyard and on the first floor of No. 8 Students Dormitory.  

Beverages Vending Machine
Several vending machines have been installed in Teaching buildings and dormitories from which students and teachers can buy beverages with cash or through Alipay. 

Postal Service 
Jishan Campus: Reception Office handles the postal service.
Jinghu Campus: Postal Office is on the first floor of No.9 Students Dormitory. 

Financial Service
Jishan Campus : ATMs of Bank of China, ICBC, CCB and Shaoxing Bank are installed at the west gate, first floor of Yinghua Canteen and Duyingyuan Residential Area.  
Jinghu Campus: ATMs of BOC,ICBC, CCB and China CITIC Bank are installed at the Financial Center at the SPT Administrative Street. 

Telecommunication Service 
Near the west gate of Jishan campus you can find the business office of M-zone  China Mobile , China Unicom and China Telecommunications. In Jinghu Campus, business office of M-zone China Mobile is in the building of student dormitory. It is advised that you apply for service offered by M-zone for the popularity of its short number service helps to ease the communication among teachers and students. 

Cash Withdrawal and Deposit 
ATMs in Jishan Campus offer services of cash deposit and withdrawal.
CCB: ATM at west gate is for withdrawal only. The one across Duying Residential Area and the one at Hecheng Square are for both deposit and withdrawal of cash.
Shaoxing Bank:ATM on the First Floor of Yinghua Canteen offers withdrawal service only. 

ICBC: ATM at west gate and across Duying Residential Area are for cash deposit and withdrawal.

Bank of China : ATM at west gate is for the deposit and withdrawal of cash.
Other Services
In both campuses, there are business offices providing various services like telecommunication, copying , sewing, laundry and mending service, shops such as bakery, barber shop and those selling different products such as ornaments, beverages. In Jinghu Campus the shops are northeast to the canteen. In Jishan campus they are mainly in the SPT street. Goods and services can be paid with the Campus Card or cash. 

Address: No.428 Kuaiji Road, Yue Cheng District, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China. Postal code 312000.
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