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Introduction to “Language and Culture Study”

I.Journal Name (in the form of book):

“Language and Culture Study”, as the journal of the university.

II. Journal Nature:

“Language and Culture Study” is hosted by the university.

III. Tenet of the Journal:

It integrates Chinese and foreign language cultures, sets a foothold in cutting-edge discipline construction and emphasizes basic application studies. Basic orientation: comprehensive humanities & social sciences journal.

IV. Columns of the Journal:

Celebrities’ Vision, Forum Contribution, Language and Translation, Literature and Art, News and Communication, Economics and Management, Foreign Language Teaching, International Education, Theory Land, Interview Dialogue, Preface and Postscript Review, Scholars’ Remarks and Academic Topic Focus, etc. According to contribution source and development demands of social reality, featured columns can be properly added or special journals can be published. Besides, on cover II of each issue, two celebrities of the academic circle will be briefly introduced with text and illustration and the university’s relevant academic activities accompanied by text and illustration will be printed on cover III.

V. Form of Journals:

Quarterly journal (published on the third month of each quarter), four issues every year. A4, 16 pieces and 256 pages for each issue; about 260,000 words and 1,200 volumes.

The journal is completely re-edited and reformed according to the connotation development demand of the university, edited and published in the form of book. It’s the main academic research battlefield of the university. With such form, the influence of the journal can be expanded by releasing them in Xinhua Bookstore. It’s also easier to store and collect.

VI. Objectives of the Journal:

“Language and Culture Study” will be built into an academic periodical which is publicly released both home and abroad with a view to becoming a source collection of CSSCI and a collected journal in CJFD. It tries to turn into a university academic journal with significant influences in the industry and spread its impact home and abroad, thus building favorable atmosphere and playing a beneficial role in improving the university’s awareness and academic status. Meanwhile, in a flexible way, an excellent paper assessment and award ceremony will be held every year, and an academic seminar will be organized as well.

VII. Editing and Publishing:

“Language and Culture Study” after name changing remain as the journal of the university. “Language and Culture Study” Editorial Department takes charge of editing and publishing the journal and Guangming Daily Publishing House will publish it on a regular basis. 

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