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Alumni Association Universities Rankings by First -Class Academic Majors(The Track of Universities of Applied Sciences)2022 | ZYU ranked top 8 in Zhejiang Province2022-04-18

Recently,Alumni Association University Rankings 2002 &College entrance examination guide, compiled and published by and Science Publishing House, came out and released the first-class university majors and subjects updates in Zhejiang Province .


The table shows that ZYU came the eighth in terms of first -class academic majors in the track of universities of applied sciences in Zhejiang Province, boasting 2 six-star majors, 8 five-star majors, 5 four-star majors and 12 three-star majors.


Over the past few years, ZYU showed substantial growth by focusing on quality and differentiation strategy. It progressed in subjects,first-class majors and the establishment of scientific platforms. Foreign Languages and Literature was rated a Zhejiang Province level first-class subject. The East Meets the West: A Journey of Intercultural Communication was included in the first batch of national-level first-class courses. Translation & interpreting alongside Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages was awarded national first-class undergraduate programs. Center for Northeast Asian Researches was voted by the Ministry of Education a high-standard unit in building National and Regional Research Centers and Center for the Study of the Great Lakes region of Africa got the approval from the Ministry of Education.

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