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Orient-Fashion Festival2016-09-26

Orient-Fashion Festival is, by, definition, a festival for the charm of the Orient .Thanks to the guidance of the Party’s committee of the college and  that of the school’s Youth League Committee plus the support of teachers and students, featured activities have been conducted in the college with the theme of experiencing the cultures of Japan, South Korea and Arab nations, the goal of being SPT pace-setters, the heredity of the spirit of SPT and the opportunity of expanding the delicate and profound Orient culture, which opens the students’ cultural and professional horizons and improves their humanistic qualities, providing a solid foundation for the cultural construction of the College of Orient Languages.
The Orient-fashion festival, as an accumulator of cultures, is a cradle of Orient Cultures in which students can better stimulate themselves and stay cohesive and happy when experiencing Orient Cultures, thus improve their qualities ,getting them to the goal of international applied foreign language talents The Orient Fashion Festival covers the singing competitions on Japanese, Korean and Arabic songs, Kosaka Cup Japanese and Arabic speech contests, Japanese/Korean/Arabic Atmosphere Experiencing Days, knowledge quizzes, Cuisine Shows, etc. It is believed that these characteristic programs will let students have a better understanding of Orient Cultures, a boost to their study and an expansion of capabilities.
The Orient Fashion Festival, based on the Japanese/ Korean/Arabic culture experiencing activities in the students’ eyes, is divided into 4 chapters including Dorm style, Straight A student Style, Art& Literature Style and Leisure Style. The unique Orient atmosphere will be created through series of activities, which, in turn, will be a part of the students’ life after playing its role in the festival, getting them studying, travelling and eating in the Orient, thus understanding the customs, local practices and profound traditional culture.
Over 10 activities inclusive of opening evening, Dorm show, culture experiencing day, cuisine show have been conducted one after another during the Orient Fashion Festival, bringing memorable processes and numerous results. The students’ foreign language capabilities are improved while the SPT culture is enriched and featured foreign culture atmosphere created. The festival is more of a spiritual festival opening your eyes, awakening your tongues and nerves than a culture collision and communication, leading students to the fascination of Orient Culture.


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