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Euro-Fashion Festival2016-09-26

Euro-Fashion Festival is a brand activity running through the academic year of Euro-Language College and opening to all students for better perspectives of art and culture, which embodies both the school’s faith of “sow the seeds of elegancy in the heart, so the seed of harmony in the campus and sow the seed of talent cultivation” and the education features of Euro-Language College, strengthening the cohesion of the college and featuring the college’s culture.

Euro-Fashion Festival has been held since the year 2005,during which the professional features have been shown while students’ qualities have been improved through the activities under the theme of “Open the door of Euro-Languages’ charm, open the door of SPT to success” inclusive of E-Week-Salon with German section, French section, Italian section, Spanish section, Portuguese section and Russian section, Freshmen welcoming party, The Star of Euro-Language College Top Show, Foreign Language Calligraphy and New Year Gala plus the closing ceremony& graduates’ night.
Euro-Fashion Festival not only colors the life of students but also strengthens their team spirits, cooperation capabilities and their language application capabilities through some specialty-related activities. Some activities even attracted teachers apart from students, serving as a boost to the activities and the relationships between teachers and students.

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